You Can’t Be Serious

You are not seriously sitting out the election or voting for a Democrat are you? John Hawkins, as you’ve read here is done. Ace is flipping his lid too:

Or perhaps it’s simpler: John McCain is unfailingly honorable; if he acts in a way that seems to be dishonorable, you must be perceiving it incorrectly, because John McCain is unfailingly honorable.

In fact, I imagine he conceives that there’s a great deal of integrity in his “having the guts” to tell the conservative troglodytes what they needed to hear in order to secure the nomination.

I held off on this last night because I didn’t know what to do. I guess my heart is with Hawkins, though my brain says Morrissey’s right… Obama would be (marginally, I think) worse than McCain.

But Obama hasn’t really flat-out lied to me.

That counts for something.

I admit it. John McCain is a liar. But I never believed him when he said that he’d support security first, anyway, so I’m not feeling betrayed. This whole election has been about plugging my nose, and mustering the gumption to pull the damn lever. And for me, it’s still about that, because I think about an Obama presidency with a Democrat congress and my skin starts erupting red blotches.

Ed Morrissey doesn’t think McCain lied, exactly, and disagrees with John and Ace. He says:

Does anyone believe that Barack Obama would be more committed to border security than John McCain? Not if they’ve paid attention. Obama is at best the same as McCain on immigration, and more likely to acquiesce to Democrats like Dick Durbin on another full-blown amnesty. Even if we consider that a wash, where else does Obama look better than McCain to conservatives?

I guess I just can’t believe that Republicans will want to be a party to that kind of destruction in America. Obama will usher in a time of Carter-like prosperity and as a business owner that makes me want to curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb.

Do you guys really think a Democrat would be better?

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