Republicans Can’t Cave

Adam Hasner at NRO:

We just can’t cave.

After months of posturing and failed leadership from President Obama and politicians of both parties, the debate on the debt limit is finally coming to a head.

I honestly believe we have reached a moment in history when the fate of our country is at a crossroads.

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Down one road is an uncertain future marked by reckless spending that deepens the debt and deficits that are killing jobs and holding American prosperity hostage. The elites and experts tell us we have no choice but to accept the path of higher taxes and new borrowing. And naturally, they prophesize disaster if we don’t continue down the only path the rest of us know America can’t afford.

But this is the same argument we’ve heard before. Trillions of dollars in spending later and trillions more in the hole, it is time to change course and chart a new direction.

The world will not end if Washington learns to control its spending addiction. In fact, if we can find the courage to curb trillions in reckless spending and slow the runaway growth of government, we can send nations around the globe a simple signal: There is a way to avoid a Greece-like day of reckoning. Spend less. Cut more. And stop making promises government can’t keep.

I also think we are at a moment in history that will chart a course downward or upward. It’s up to us. We have let out government, both Democrat and Republicans, spend us into this hell. It’s time the American people said “enough.” The chickens have come home to roost. We are seeing what we have brought upon ourselves. We risk our freedoms and our way of life by not confronting the spending monster right now.

At first I thought the compromise that the Boehner was suggesting, that we raise the debt limit, but only if cuts are larger than what we raise, was a sensible solution. But now I see that this is also a way of us “kicking the can down the road.” It’s about not making the hard choices.

This is what the election of 2010 was about. We didn’t send conservatives to Washington to flirt with Democrat proposals for higher taxes and more debt. We sent leaders to stop them.

And we must do it by offering clear, honest alternatives. We must stand up to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and explain to Americans that cutting spending, balancing the budget, and reforming entitlements won’t be easy. But these reforms also represent an historic opportunity to make the kind of changes that will reinvigorate our economy and keep the miracle that is American exceptionalism alive for another generation.

Republican leaders have an opportunity to prove that they are the true heirs to those who guided our country through the great challenges of our past. If they cave, this fiscal crisis may mark the beginning of America’s decline. Future generations will know ours as the one that lost America.

But if conservatives rally, hold true to time-tested principles, and stand firm for real spending cuts and budget reforms, this fiscal crisis will become another chapter in America’s amazing story of perseverance, and another example of Americans answering the call.

It sounds dramatic, because it is. We are one step away from losing the America we knew.

I agree with Hasner. Republicans must show leadership. They must ignore the spin and demagoguery of the Democrats. They must do what is right.

Pres. Obama has increased the national debt by nearly $5 trillion dollars. He recently proposed a budget with a $1.6 trillion annual deficit, after trying to borrow even more. This insane spending didn’t begin with Obama, but it has gorged itself under him. We were a bleeding wound long before Obama, but he just managed to rip the wound to gush.

The bleeding must stop. Democrats won’t even produce a budget. Spending is all they know.

Today, Mitch McConnell, not a conservative favorite, saw the truth as it is (emphasis mine):

McConnell claimed that the White House “is just not interested in a meaningful and lasting solution to our mounting debt,” and instead is “too committed to big government.”

“After years of discussions and months of negotiations, I have little question that as long as this president is in the Oval Office, a real solution is unattainable,” McConnell said.

So, the only choice we have is to not cave now. Do our best to defeat Obama in 2012, and then make our way to recovery.

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