Responses To “The Non-Existent North American Union” Column

Last week, I wrote a column for Townhall called, “The Non-Existent North American Union” and I wanted to show you some of my favorite responses to the column over there.


Fight4Truth writes: LIARS LIARS LIARS!!!! The North American Union is real

It’s all over the median you LIARS!

This site is just a neocon tool to promote the elimination of America and assist the New World Order.

You might fool the people about 9/11 but the North American Union is admitted by it’s creators and it’s already all over the news:
Read it here:


(email) From: jhsolar@******

Either you’ve just disclosed yourself as a lackey for the Illuminati or you are one of the dumbest people in your profession . Which is it

Canuckski writes: They’re on to us, Gord! That’s right folks! We in Canada have been plotting this since 1867, and now is our moment! A flotilla of icebergs is approaching the Gulf as we speak. Forget Spanish, you’ll all be speaking French by Christmas!

Or you can just give us Florida, which the Quebeckers have been colonizing for a while.

It’s cold up here, d*mmit!

Greenberetx writes: Slight of Hand
Mr. Hawkins,

There are a few conspiracy theories out there that are off the wall but look at communism which was a conspiracy theory back in the day. We obviously have some aspiring communists in elected positions in all of the political parties by virtue of the radical decisions enacted or proposed. The cold war is over. The Russians are only flying practice bombing missions so their aircraft don’t rust.

Mexican trucks are needed because we’ve shipped all jobs overseas and we need cheap labor and a way for terrorists to have easier access to bring those nukes into Texas and Canada. Equal opportunity dispersal.

We need cheap toys from China, especially the lead based toys. They’re good for children and can’t be seen by black helicopters when flying over your home in recon flights looking for illegal drug fields growing among farmers fields today. China needs a few more military secrets. Lets show them we are an open society. I assume you are voting for Mrs. Clinton?

Oddball theories being propagated, yes, but I’m sorry to say that the SPP is real, black helicopters really are circling people’s fields and homes doing drug interdiction through the National Guard. The toys do have lead, Mexican trucks really did roll into the US and were halted after the outcry. I saw the black helicopter thing on the local news. They even ran the story twice in 4 days.

American’s are bright enough to see when something isn’t right. I congratulate you on picking a topic that will incite the masses.

America spent millions of dollars on “civil disobedience programs” We have programs in place to handle such things. Just look it up in the budget.

Blessings to you and the Black Helicopter crowd!!

I filed with the FEC on September 11th as a Republican candidate for President and the FEC should file stamp it any day now, unless it gets lost in the mail. I’m fed up and so are millions of other Americans. America will not be sold out!–Martin 2008

Mr Paine writes: Propaganda. Hawkins, in my opinion is a paid Neocon shill. A purveyor of prostitutes selling out himself, his family, his community and his nation to serve his Globalist masters for a paltry paycheck.

I love the “Conspiracy Theory” flag they run up everytime the public gets too close to the truth. We need to seize control of the Republican Party again, turn out the Neocons, one worlders and CFR members and get our nation back on track before it is too late.

These bozo’s will hand Hillary the election on a silver platter in 2008 if we do nothing. At that point the SHOW IS OVER friends.

Shells writes: There will be no NAU We have no borders, we are being invaded by illegals, but I truly do not ever see an NAU being the underlying TWIST in the plot.

Ten years from now, if you see me eating a hamburger at Le McDonald’s with a side of refried beans covered in maple syrup, then, you can tell me “I told you so!”

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