Return Of The Infidel: Last

Return Of The Infidel: Last Thursday I posted some of the kookier comments from the Osama Bin Laden wannabes at the Youth Of Islam forums. Well last night they linked me back…

AbuU (Muslims in the Media): Check this out. One of the most popular right wing news sites has finally got onto and have published some of the well-informed, mature and rational comments you guys have made. Finally, Muslims are getting a voice in the media!

All that needs to happen now is for the kuffar to get a hold of all your insightful Daniel Pearl comments. Great work guys.

“One of the most popular right wing news sites?” Thanks for the compliment AbuU. And was that sarcasm aimed at the idiots who spewed all that hate on the Youth of Islam forums? Woah, that’s different. If we could get that kind of reaction from our “friends” in Egypt, Jordan, & Saudi Arabia I’d be thrilled.

Well anyway, watch this space folks and I’ll let you know if any of the nuttier Islamo-fascists over there declare a Salman Rushdie style fatwa on me for ripping on them. Meanwhile, I’m going to look for their Daniel Pearl comments =)

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