“Revealing And Frightening” Thank You Notes

Apparently, some liberals are shocked, shocked I tell you, that Samuel Alito wrote a thank you note to James Dobson for supporting him during his confirmation hearings and sending him a congratulatory letter.

The best reaction that I’ve seen so far came from lefty blogger Media girl:

“…(R)eally, should we be surprised that Samuel Alito is as hateful and evil as we feared? His mash note to James Dobson, who has found fame and fortune in advocating hate and intolerance of millions of Americans, is quite revealing … and frightening.”

Oh yeah, it’s, “revealing and frightening,” that Alito said thanks to a mainstream Christian conservative like Dobson who was defending him when Ted Kennedy and Company were trying to convince the world that he was a lying, bigoted theocrat who gets his jollies by ordering strip searches of 10 year old girls.

But, it’s lucky that we have Media girl and the rest of the lefty bloggers on the look out for us on issues like this. I mean come on, today it’s thank you notes, but who’s to know what’s next? Maybe, even birthday cards! Is that really the sort of America we want to live in? ;D

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