The Military Won’t Let The Troops Fly American Flags In Afghanistan?

Since when did the US military get into the business of taking down the American flag?

“…(S)oldiers (from all Coaliton nations) in southern Afghanistan have been ordered, under a directive from a U.S. general, to lower (their nation’s flag) from flagpoles at their… bases, from over their tents and even from the aerials atop their vehicles.

Major General Benjamin Freakley states that the only flag to fly over coalition bases (in Afghanistan), facilities or vehicles will be the red, green and black Afghan flag.

“I specifically asked my commanders to think about our flags,” Maj.-Gen. Freakley said this week.

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“We had a plethora of flags all over the compounds … I asked us to think about who we’re serving and who we’re serving with.”

…Maj.-Gen. Freakley said the idea was to make it clear the foreign soldiers are there to help the Afghan government.

“I don’t want us to find reasons to pull back from the people of Afghanistan and not be teammates and get behind national barriers or anything,” he said.

“We’re trying to make subtle, transitional moves to help the people of Afghanistan fend for themselves. In no way is it intended to suppress any national pride.”

He said the soldiers of the coalition still wear their national flags on the sleeves of their uniforms and that ought to be enough.”

It’s understandable that we want to keep a small footprint in Afghanistan and show the Afghan people that we’re on their side, but not allowing American troops to fly the American flag is going too far. What’s next, are we going to rip the flags off our soldiers’ shoulder patches and replace them with crescents to prove that we’re “down with Allah?”

This order from Freakley to take down the American flag should not stand. Either Freakley should reverse himself or someone up his chain of command should step in and do it for him.

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