Right Wing Radio Week in Review (redux…)

My Talk Radio Watch column is now running exclusively at WND, but right after I hit send, a bunch of stuff came in over the transom that I wish I’d included…

* First off: it’s always nice to learn you aren’t alone.

This thread at HotAir.com turned into an all-out conservative talk radio fanboy/girl convo, with passionate posters tossing around producers’ nicknames, and categorizing talk radio hosts as The Founding Father They Most Resembled, and other fanfic fun.

I particularly enjoyed the Middle Aged Women’s Sexual Fantasies Involving Mark Steyn, but your mileage may vary…

* Semi-related: a truck driver called in and told Hugh Hewitt he listens to 13 hours of talk radio every day — making me feel a bit of a piker… (funny FREE audio — but not for long: Hewitt’s archives and other goodies — like an exclusive James Lileks column — will be paid-subscriber-only access as of the end of this month. Sign up before Oct 1 and you save $20.)

* David Horowitz wrote a nice defense of Glenn Beck (which likewise prompted a long comment thread).

* Michael Medved got John McCain to call Jimmy Carter “the worst president” (FREE audio)

* The day after dropped by his flagship SF radio station, Michael Medved (or at least, his bosses) quietly dropped that copyright infringement lawsuit against filmmakers who they’d said used “anti-Muslim” clips of Savage’s show without permission. (PS: according to RadioTime, Savage has also dropped from #3 to #4.)

* And finally: words you never thought you’d type — Rush? Eat a sammich. Now you’ve gone & lost too much weight.

(Kathy Shaidle knows she needs to get a life. Until then, she’ll still be blogging at FiveFeetOfFury — now in its ninth lawsuit filled year! Mark Steyn says Kathy Shaidle “really ought to have a newspaper column” but “the girlymen of Canada’s media will never give her one…”)

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