Right Wing Radio Week in Review: Sept 20-25

My latest Talk Radio Watch column at WND has a bunch of FREE audio, video and transcript highlights from Mark Levin and other hosts, plus lots more.

Here’s some stuff that happened after my deadline:

SNL spoofed Glenn Beck:

Rush Limbaugh showed up on Jay Leno and got a good reception:

Rush talked about what he wished he’d said to Jay, back on his show on Friday… (FREE transcript).

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck was fetted in his old hometown — but not everybody was pleased

Mark Steyn was on Hugh Hewitt‘s show, blasting Obama for uttering “fluffy bunny banalities” at the UN. (FREE audio.)

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury and lots of other places. If you’re a fan of talk radio podcasts, but can’t afford all those premium memberships, she may be able to help you out...)

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