Rightroots Challenge, Day 6

We’re looking to pull in 100 donations for each of our 21 candidates over at Rightroots. Towards that end, I’m going to be doing profiles of our candidates each day in order to give you a better idea of whom you’d be giving money to. Today, the candidates profiled will be John Gard and Tom Kean.

Candidate #1: John Gard

District: (WI-8)
Seat Currently Held By: Mark Green (R)
Candidate + cash on hand: John Gard ($657,425)
Opponent + cash on hand: Steve Kagen ($317,868) Nancy Nusbaum ($102,111) & Jamie Wall ($574,444)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 44%% vs. 55%
Latest polling: None Found
Webpage: here

Other: — The primary is tomorrow.
— The Democrats are targeting this district as one of their 15 pick-ups even though it doesn’t look all that inviting at first glance.
— You can see John Gard’s bio here.

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Candidate #2: Tom Kean

State New Jersey:
Seat Currently Held By: Robert Menendez (D)
Candidate + cash on hand: Tom Kean ($1,839,187)
Opponent + cash on hand: Robert Menendez ($6,339,406)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 53% vs. 46%
Latest polling: Fairleigh Dickinson University: Kean 43% vs. Menendez 39%
Webpage: here

Other: — Kean’s father used to a well liked governor in the state and was also a member of the 9/11 Commission..
— Menendez is now under criminal investigation and that will certainly be a big drag on his campaign.

You can contribute to either of these candidates and help us meet out goal for the 15 day challenge by chipping in a few bucks here, at Rightroots.

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