The Islamo-Fascist Doctrine Of The Terrorists That Attacked Us On 9/11 Is Not New

The Islamo-Fascist doctrine of the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 is not new. To the contrary, it is actually very old. It goes right back to the murderous and rapacious early days of Islam.

Victor Davis Hanson discusses this mentality in relation to the battle of Poitiers, in his book Why the West Has Won :

“The prophet Muhammad died exactly one hundred years before the battle of Poitiers. In that century, between 632 and 732, a small and rather impotent Arab people arose to conquer the Sassanid Persian Empire, wrest the entire Middle-East and much of Asia Minor from the Byzantines, and establish a theocratic rule across North Africa.

…The weakness of other empires, the borrowing of arms and organization from the Byzantines, and the natural role of an Asiatic kingdom in Asia proper still do not entirely explain the miraculous Islamic conquests. Arab armies also won because of the peculiar nature of their newfound religion, which offered the nomad singular incentives to fight. There was to be a novel connection between war and faith, creating a divine culture that might reward with paradise the slaying of the infidel and the looting of Christian cities. Killing and pillaging were now in the proper context, acts of piety.

Second, the onslaught of the Muslims into the Persian, Byzantine, and European realms was considered a natural — or fated — act. The world was no longer bound by national borders or ethnic spheres, but was properly the sole domain of Muhammad — if only his followers were courageous enough to fulfill the Prophet’s visions. Islam was not a static or reflective religion, but a dynamic creed that saw conquest and conversion as prerequisites for world harmony.

…The Pacifist traditions of Christianity in the short term stood in stark contrast to Islam, which in theory professed that Muslims should not fight fellow believers, but kill all others until, “there is no God but Allah.” — P. 146-148

Of course, all Muslims — in fact, the majority of Muslims no longer subscribe to this doctrine. Moreover, Christianity had its ugly phases, too — although there are no Christians calling for a new Inquisition or to conquer the Middle-East in a series of new crusades.

But, when you’re talking about Islamo-Fascists of the sort that run Iran and are in Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, you’re talking about Muslims who quite literally have a 7th century mindset. They see killing infidels just for being infidels as a virtuous act that helps ensure their place in heaven. That’s why, in the long term, real negotiation and compromise with these terrorists and rogue state benefactors simply is not possible.

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