Romney vs Obama Round Two

That was quite a lively debate, wasn’t it? Obama knew he had to be more energized, and he was. But Romney was pretty energized himself. The biggest flub of the night didn’t come from the candidates, : but from Candy Crowley. When Romney said that Obama didn’t call Libya a terrorist act the first day after the attack in the Rose Garden speech. Candy: interrupted: him and said that Obama had said that. In fact Obama did include in a reference to 9-11 where he said, “no act of terror will…” Right after he said, “we marked the solemn memory of the 9/11 attacks” near the end of the speech. So, clearly he was referencing that, and not Libya.: : He did not call Libya a terrorist act. Pres. Obama went for weeks saying that Libya was a protest and caused by a video. He even said that in his speech to the UN : two weeks later, never mentioning it was a terrorist act. When asked point blank on “The View” if Libya was a terrorist act, Obama avoided the answer. Press Sec Carney was asked on 9/13 if Benghazi was “planned and premeditated?”….He said, : ” It’s too early for us to make that judgment.”: If Obama did indeed mean that in the Rose Garden that day, why refuse to answer it later? Why would his press secretary refuse to say so? : Why keep up with the false meme that it was protest caused by a video? Why let Ambassador Rice go on all the news talk shows saying it was about the video and just a protest? : Right after the debate, on CNN, Candy admitted that Romney was : actually right about Obama and: Libya. She said, “So he was right in the main, I just think he picked the wrong word.” Meaning Romney should have said specifically the words, “Obama did not call it a terrorist act,” which Obama did not. Anderson Cooper also agreed Romney was right.: On the good side, everyone is talking about the Libya timeline today, and that is never good for Obama, because it’s clear they messed up there.

Pres. Obama loves to tout that he ended the war in Iraq like he said he would, which isn’t really true. Candidate Obama said that he would bring the troops home by the summer of 2010. In fact, the troops came home on Pres. Bush’s timeline,: negotiated: long before Obama. The Status of Forces Agreement was ratified in 2008 and it stated “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.” So, Obama didn’t have anything at all to do with the ending of the Iraq war, and I wish the MSM would stop letting him say he did.

Here are a few of the CBS and CNN New Polls right after the debate:

CBS Poll: Did Pres. Obama offer a clear plan for solving country problems? Yes 38%; No 61%.

CNN Poll: Romney Wins 54-40 on Economy, 49-46 on Health Care, 51-44 on Taxes

CBS News Poll: 65% thought Romney would do a better job on the economy (up from 71%); 34% said Pres Obama would (up from 27%).

Here are two places where Pres. Obama outright lied (other than Libya). One, he stated that Planned Parenthood provides: mammograms. That is completely untrue. They do not. And everyone knows this from past debates about Planned Parenthood. Two, The absurd notion that drilling permits have increased under Obama. The truth is permits for offshore oil were cut by 62% and by 30% on land. I say “lied” instead of “misled,” because Pres. Obama knew he was lying about these things. He knew it, and lied anyway. My husband, who is a: petroleum engineer, said everything Obama said regarding oil and energy was completely untrue. Especially when it comes to what he said about oil leases.

Last night twitter was on fire. Here are some tweets after the debate from what I consider either unbiased sources, or at least leaning left.

CBS’ Mark Knoller: ” “Both candidates scored points against one another, but it appeared Romney’s cuts at the pres drew more political blood.”

CBS’ Mark Knoller: : “Romney took a good number of hits, but as the challenger, they didn’t appear to have the same impact as his swipes at Pres Obama.”

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith: “Romney did again, come away looking like a guy who could be President, which is probably the most important thing.”

Bottom line. Obama did much better (how could he have done worse than last time?) and Romney held his own. I liked the poll numbers on the economy, which is the most important issue. The focus groups, many former Obama voters, leaned toward Romney. So, that was good news as well.

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