Roundup on Breitbart and JournoList

Been busy today with a few posts, in reverse chronological order:

* “‘Not All Journalists Are Jerks’ – And Then There’s JournoList.”

* “Letter From Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson.”

* “Shirley Sherrod May Sue for Defamation: ‘Andrew Breitbart Came at Me’.”

* “The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy.”

* “Terry Moran on ‘Nightline’ – ‘A Kind of Victory for Breitbart’.”

* “Racism Roundup – July 22, 2010.”

* “White House Admits Screw Up on Sherrod Firing.”

BONUS WEDNESDAY BLOGGING: “Check Out Who’s on JournoList,” and “JournoListers Rejoice in Their Evil.”

And check out American Power for all your regular hot neocon blogging!

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