Rush Limbaugh Plants A Kick In The Ribs Of The Blogosphere

I’m a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh which is why I was so disappointed when he said the following about bloggers today in response to David Hill’s dopey article that I discussed yesterday….

“In the audio links below, I treat you to my analysis of pollster Dr. David Hill’s column headlined “Bloggers Won’t Match Limbaugh.” A blogger is a citizen who gets a website and just opines on various topics unrealted to politics. A friend of mine defined the term, derived from “web log,” as “a nerd with a journalist degree and no social life who spends most days and all nights writing e-mails to himself and his friends in hopes of attracting attention from traditional media outlets.” Andrew Sullivan is perhaps the best-known political blogger.”

I’m really surprised that Limbaugh has that sort of sneering, elitist, take on the blogosphere given his history. I say that because Limbaugh was attacked by members of the mainstream media in almost exactly this same sort of fashion in the eighties. Ya know, people said “Limbaugh is a bombthrower who appeals only to a few right-wing fanatics.” Yet, now that Limbaugh is on top of the heap, he’s doing the same thing to bloggers.

Worse yet, Limbaugh sounds ignorant about the blogosphere when he says, “A blogger is a citizen who gets a website and just opines on various topics unrealted to politics”. Where did Limbaugh get that odd idea? And why would Limbaugh take the “nerds” with no “social life” cheap shot at fellow right-wingers who are helping to spread a conservative message across the web to a small but rapidly growing audience? Again, it smacks of pure elitism, the type that I’d think would be beneath Rush…

Hat tip to Instapundit for finding this one.

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