Vacation — Back On Tuesday

I’m going to be taking a three day week-end which means that the next update of RWN will be Tuesday. As per usual when I go out of town, I’ve put up a few websites I like in the daily news section. If I’m not going to be here, maybe I can at least farm out a little traffic to some deserving blogs.

— RWN appreciates our advertisers at American Realpolitik, Right Wing Stuff, D-42, Zogby Blog, Electric Venom, Ravenwood’s Universe, The Catholic Samurai, & Ghost Of A Flea.

Remember, the money these blogs are paying is covering all the costs associated with RWN. So why don’t you show them that they’re smart to advertise with RWN by taking a look at their blogs? I’d certainly appreciate it if you could…

— As you know, I’ve been polling conservative bloggers on a number of issues like the “worst figures in American history,” “greatest movies,” & the “greatest figures in American history”. Well, I’m open to new ideas to poll these bloggers on and I also have now compiled a list of liberal bloggers to poll as well. So if you have something you’d like to see my poll on, post it in the comments section and I’ll consider it.

— By the way, you’re going to love the article that I’m going to open up with when I return on Tuesday. Do you remember all the controversy that surrounded the “Bloggers Select The 20 Worst Figures In American History” article? Well, I have already polled bloggers on the same subject again — left-wing bloggers =) While I haven’t actually counted up all the ballots yet, I think you’re going to find that it’s VERY different than the last list. Feel free to speculate wildly about who’ll make the list and then tune in on Tuesday to see who made it.

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