RWN Linked In The WAPO

Carol Morello from the Washington Post contacted yours truly to comment on the innauguration so that I could be a voice of reason in the article she was writing on the subject….Ok, she didn’t say I was there to be a “voice of reason,” but that’s what I was. Just take a look at what I said…

“John Hawkins, who runs a conservative news Web log,, from his home in Charlotte, said his readers chalk the criticism up to partisan bickering.

“We’re talking about a tradition that stretches all the way back to George Washington,” he said. “The costs are picked up almost entirely by private donors. If John Kerry won, I don’t think we’d even be discussing this issue.”


Ms. Morello, who was inspired to contact me after reading my dismemberment of Mark Cuban after he suggested that Bush cancel the inauguration, was even considerate enough to have an actual link back to RWN which is something most dead tree publications on the web don’t bother with.

Mucho thanks for the quotage and the linkage, Carol!

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