RWN Makes The WAPO Again

RWN made Howard Kurtz’s Media Notes column in the Washington Post again. This time around, he quoted heavily from “The Conservative Case Against John McCain In 2008” article that I wrote last week.

“John Hawkins at Right Wing News reminds us that some ardent conservatives don’t trust McCain either–and resent his media profile:

There is no Republican up on Capitol Hill more disliked by his own GOP brethren than John McCain. That’s why, despite the size of his fan club in the mainstream media, McCain seems rather unlikely to capture the party’s nomination for President in 2008.

“Here’s a short, but sweet primer that may help explain why so many conservatives believe John McCain would be a very poor choice as the Republican nominee in 2008.

“John McCain will be 72 years old in 2008, which will make him 3 years older than Ronald Reagan was when he became the oldest man to ever be inaugurated as president back in 1981. In the Senate, where doddering fossils like Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd can be elected over and over, McCain looks like a spring chicken in comparison. But, Reagan’s age turned out to be a campaign issue and McCain, who would be 80 years old at the end of his 2nd term, would certainly have a lot of people questioning –with good reason — whether he’s up to the job. Were McCain to be the nominee, his age could be the deciding factor that puts a Democrat in office.

“The mainstream media loves John McCain and they regularly write fawning articles referring to him as a ‘maverick’ and a ‘straight-talker.’ Because of this, McCain polls well among Democrats and Independents.

“However, the reason McCain is so well liked by the media is because they’re liberals and they love it when he trashes other Republicans. But, what would happen if John McCain actually became the Republican nominee? The same members of the mainstream media who gush over him today would turn on him in a Minnesota minute and once his great press ended, his poll numbers with Independents and Democrats would start to drop precipitously.”

A major question, it seems to me, is whether less ideological columnists defend McCain against some of these attacks, or at least point out why he is so popular (and not just with the press).”

Semi-interesting side note: One of the things I’m interested in doing this year is getting published in some A-list conservative mags. I contacted a couple of them and asked them if they’d be interested in an anti-McCain piece. One said “no,” and the other didn’t respond. That turned out to be the very same post that apparently generated enough buzz to make it into the WAPO today.

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