Carlos Santana Explains The “Dimension That Brings Harmony And Healing”

Rock legend Carlos Santana gets all geopolitical and gives everyone the benefit of his like, wisdom man:

Carlos Santana quoted his old friend Jimi Hendrix in an anti-war message here today and said his philosophy is the antithesis of President George W. Bush’s.

“I have wisdom. I feel love. I live in the present and I try to present a dimension that brings harmony and healing,” the 58-year-old rock icon said. “My concept is the opposite of George W. Bush.”

…”There is more value in placing a flower in a rifle barrel than making war,” he said. “As Jimi Hendrix used to say, musical notes have more importance than bullets.”

Like, yeah man! Yeah! We didn’t need to fight the Nazis with like gun and tanks man, we should have just used crunchy grooves! And Saddam? After he raped and murdered a bunch of people, the people who weren’t dead yet should have just walked up, stuck flowers in the soldier’s guns, and then they could have just all held hands and turned Iraq into a big groovy commune, man.

So like when you’re captured by a terrorist who’s going to saw off your head cause you’re like a Jew or something, don’t wish for a bunch of Marines to kick in the door, just start singing Voodoo Child man, and everything will be all right! Cause music will produce harmony and healing dude!

This special message has been brought to you by the group: “Have a glass of shut the hell up Carlos Santana, you stupid, ^%$$&$^&^ hippie.”

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