Saint Cindy Is Off To A Rough Start In San Fran

The first poll is out in the Cindy Sheehan vs. Nancy Pelosi race in San Francisco,

“On Day #1 of Campaign, Sheehan Starts With 9% in Her Camp in Uphill Battle Against Speaker Pelosi: Immediately after antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan announced 08/09/07 that she would run for Congress as an Independent against Democratic Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, SurveyUSA interviewed 583 registered voters from Pelosi’s District, California 8. The Republican candidate in a November 2008 election is not yet known. At this early hour: 66% of voters in Pelosi’s district say they will vote for Pelosi, no matter who the Republican challenger is. 9% of voters say they will vote for Sheehan, no matter who the Republican is. And 21% say they need to know who the Republican is before they know how they would vote in a contest between Democrat Pelosi and Independent Sheehan. These results are not intended to forecast what might happen in a November 2008 vote. That is today uknowable. These results are designed to provide first-glimpse, preliminary indication of how seriously a Sheehan candidacy might be taken by voters in one of the country’s more Democratic districts.”

So being the “Rosa Parks of the anti-war movement” and having “ultimate moral authority” is only worth 9% of the vote in one of the most liberal districts in America?

Sheehan’s poor showing isn’t a big surprise, but it just goes to show you that liberals don’t even believe most of the nonsense that they spout on a regular basis.

When Sheehan was in the news every day, Democrats were calling her a “hero,” “our Martin Luther King,” and telling everyone who would listen how wonderful she was and that anyone who disagreed with her was a monster. But, the moment she was no longer useful to the Democratic Party, they didn’t even want her posting at the Daily Kos anymore and she’s at 9% in the polls.

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