The State Of The Democratic Race: Hillary Rising

John Edwards: Ann Coulter managed to successfully “unman” the “Silky Pony” by calling him a “f@G” (typical response: “Ann Coulter shouldn’t have called him that, although he isn’t the most manly guy in the world. I mean, you do have to admit he is a bit feminine”).

This image of Edwards as a wimp has been cemented as of late because his shrewish, radical wife has been making obnoxious public pronouncements which pretty much confirm who wears the pants in that family.

Moreover, let’s face it, Edwards’ whole routine sounds incredibly tired and hypocritical. He’s a ridiculously wealthy lawyer running around trying to portray himself as a voice of the poor and talking about the country as if we’re in the middle of a depression. It’s a very stale act and it comes across that way, even to a lot of Democrats

Barack Obama: Obama has two major weaknesses: the first is that a significant part of his appeal is based on the fact that he’s portraying himself as a moderate who wants to bring about bipartisan compromise. However, Obama is just another extremely liberal senator who has little interest in governing from the center. He hasn’t been exposed for what he is yet, just another Northern liberal, but realistically, that probably wouldn’t happen until the general election anyway.

But, Obama’s other weakness, his lack of experience, is turning into a major negative. Over the last few weeks, he has made a string of gaffes that have made him look like the rookie that he is on the foreign policy front. He has made enough mistakes at this point that “Obama is too inexperienced to handle foreign policy” has turned into a meme, which is a bit ironic, because neither John Edwards nor Hillary Clinton is particularly experienced either.

Hillary Clinton: Despite the woes Edwards and Obama have been experiencing over the past few months, both of them have been staying relatively steady in the polls, but the distance between them and Hillary has been steadily rising. Since April, Hillary has moved from polling in the low thirties, to polling in the low forties today.

Why? Well, she has done well in the debates, hasn’t made many mistakes, and has come across as a voice of reason on foreign policy — at least compared to her radical fellow Democrats. Additionally, the longer that Hillary stays on the top of the heap, the more people will flock to her banner. It’s human nature to want to back a winner and the later we get into the year with Hillary in first, the more likely she looks to win.

Hillary hasn’t got it in the bag yet, but she does have a significant lead, is performing well, and appears to be increasing her lead over her rivals. That’s an enviable position for a politician to be in.

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