Sam Kinison: The Original South Park Republican

Sam Kinison has always been my favorite stand-up comedian. While he was vulgar, grossly obscene, shockingly cruel, sometimes blasphemous, & outrageously offensive, he was also wickedly funny and delighted in skewering politically correct targets that few other people had the guts to take on.

While Kinison is certainly no role model and would surely offend — well, just about everybody on both sides of the political spectrum — I wanted to share a little bit of his humor with you because I find Kinison funny for many of the same reasons that I enjoy South Park (Of course, South Park is still running and Kinison died back in 1992, so a lot of you probably aren’t all that familiar with his work).

So here are some snippets from some of Kinison’s bits that you may find funny, provocative, outrageous, and even offensive. But, I’m going to post them and let you make up your own mind. There’s certainly nothing here worse than you’ll see on the average episode of South Park


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