Sarah Palin Suggests She’ll Run for President ‘If There’s Nobody Else to Do It’

This essay was published previously at American Power: “Sarah Palin Would ‘Make the Sacrifices’ and Run for President.”


At Los Angeles Times, ‘Sarah Palin would ‘make the sacrifices’ and run for president“:

The former goveror of Alaska predicts Tuesday’s vote will serve as a rebuke to President Obama as well as the GOP establishment ...

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Check the link.

She’s going to run. She’s done almost everything right since she stepped down as Alaska governor. And this has the establishment freaked out, as the lead story tonight at Politico indicates, “Next for GOP Leaders: Stopping Palin.” Also at Memeorandum.

I tweeted my thoughts earlier, but Conservatives4Palin have a great response:

Rather than being fearful for the effects of the Obama agenda, the GOP Establishment appears to have a greater fear of Palin nomination and the “wrath” of “enthralled” Palin supporters. The GOP Establishment deems that nominating Governor Palin in 2012 would spell disaster. However, for whom would a Palin nomination be a disaster? The GOP Establishment? One of the GOP boys: Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Thune, Barbour, Daniels? President Obama? The 2010 primaries have already given the Establishment reason to be “fearful” of “conservative grass-roots activists”. Such grassroots, conservative campaigns and candidates gave people like Rand Paul, Joe Miller, and Christine O’Donnell their respective nominations.

And all the latest commentary and election analysis at American Power.

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