Say Hello To “We The People”

What if some political candidates ran that didn’t fit the polished smooth criteria of what we have come to know, and won? What if they were just like us? What if they had family problems? What if they had had trouble paying their bills? What if they did crazy things in high school? Yet they won. What if they weren’t the Ivy league millionaires we’ve come to loathe? What if they have faults? What if they admit they aren’t perfect, but they do seem to care. What if that happened?

It is happening. Christine O’Donnell in Delaware is just one example. She is the main target now because she also happens to be a conservative Christian woman. The worst kind of Republican in the eyes of liberals, feminists,and all things Democrat. Why? Because it destroys the narrative of the GOP rich white good ole boy. Never mind that guys like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, John Edwards, and Al Gore were and are really defined by that. The false narrative must be adhered to.

I have enjoyed sitting back and watching the circus that has surrounded the O’Donnell win. The establishment GOP got the primary equivalent of getting kicked in the private parts. As they lay on the ground grimacing, the left and the media quickly swooped in to trash O’Donnell.

The liberals are calling O’Donnell “an extremist.” But what is more extremist? A overt Christian, or her opponent, Chris Coons, who once claimed to be a “marxist?”

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As the American Thinker asks:

Did she once advocate forced abortions and sterilization? No, that was the president’s “science czar,” John Holdren. Had she headed up an organization that promoted “fisting” for 14-year-olds and books featuring sex acts between preschoolers? No — while Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings did do that, O’Donnell’s sin is far different:

She believes in sexual purity.

Oh, how the left has enjoyed making fun of her. Like the catty slutty cheerleaders in a “Mean Girls” movie making fun of the good girl.

The “witch” jokes have been good. Even on this side. Because we know how absurd it is to judge someone running for Senator on something stupid they did in high school. Obama did drugs in his youth, and that didn’t seem to matter in the Presidential race. Let’s be fair here. Either we are fair in our indignation, or we are not. I didn’t care what Obama did in his youth, and I don’t care what O’Donnell did either. All we care about is what are they going to do now. What will they do to make this country better?

O’Donnell handled the witch thing well by joking, “”There’s been no witchcraft since. If there was, Karl Rove would be a supporter now,” to a GOP picnic in southern Delaware on Sunday.

The trashing isn’t going to work this time. It’s all going to backfire. People don’t like to see others mistreated so badly when they don’t deserve it. It’s one thing to go after a candidate on policy or issues, but these personal attacks, that reached all time dirty low with Sarah Palin, has made people question the attackers more than they do the one being attacked.

It’s been quite enjoyable watching the GOP scramble, moan, and gnash their teeth on this one (and the others). I think our tea party message is coming in loud and clear now.

And although it’s not enjoyable to see a woman like O’Donnell get smeared and made fun of, it does tell me that the left is even more afraid than I thought they were.

Maybe O’Donnell won’t win (although I think she will), but it will be all worth it even if she doesn’t. She and the other tea party backed candidates have brought us a refreshing change is politics. Say goodbye to the power broker. Say goodbye to the millionaire. Say goodbye to the smug Ivy leaguer.

Say hello to “we the people.”

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