Scary Naiveté From Coretta Scott King

As anyone who pays attention to the left knows, they’re dangerously naive about national security matters. But this statement by MLK’s widow Coretta Scott King, who’s still taken seriously by a lot of people on the left, is a frightening combination of ignorance and childlike innocence…

“It’s as if he were writing for this period. Nonviolence would work today, it would work 2,000 years from now, it would work 5,000 years from now. If Martin’s philosophy had been lived out in Iraq, we wouldn’t have bin Laden.”

Uh…does she mean if MLK’s “philosophy had been lived out in (Afghanistan when the Soviet Union invaded), we wouldn’t have bin Laden?” If that’s what she’s driving at, it’s simply ludicrous. That Soviet war of aggression killed something like a million to 1.5 million Afghans & the Soviets planted millions of mines all across Afghanistan — even in roads and farmers’ fields. Who in their right mind can really believe the Soviets would have cared about a bunch of people doing sit-ins and singing Kumbaya?

If CSK is referring to our war in Iraq, she needs to educate herself about the mass graves, the rape rooms, the Kurdish villages that were gassed, the mass torture, entire families being wiped out and people being literally buried alive by steamrollers in the street. There was almost no horror that the Hussein clan didn’t inflict on people who were even rumored to oppose them, so why would peaceful protests have been anything other than an invitation to a massacre?

When you’re dealing with fundamentally decent people, like the Brits or the US, peaceful protest is possible. As a matter of fact, MLK’s non-violent protests would probably work well in most Western nations. But, when you’re talking about savage, totalitarian regimes like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea….those sorts of regimes, peaceful protest is almost impossible. There can be no MLK’s in those regimes, because they end up dead, just “disappear” one day or at best end up in prison cells for decades to be hailed one day when freedom comes.

CSK, like many liberals, doesn’t appear to understand the difference between nations like say the US, Britain, Israel and other Western nations and murderous tyrannies and that is part of the reason why so many people just don’t trust the judgement of liberals when it comes to foreign policy.

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