SCOTUS Ruling Proves Liberalism is all Emotion, No Brains

I didn’t write this one, so I won’t do a full crosspost from STACLU on it.

Warner Todd Huston did a great job covering this earlier so I won’t post all the details again, but I wanted to share a portion of my post illustrating the emotion that is liberalism…no brains.

Wanna see what I mean?

People for the American Way:

One more Bush Justice on the Court, and the decision would likely have gone the other way. That’s why it’s so important for Americans to realize that in this election year, the Supreme Court is on the ballot. John McCain has already promised the GOP that he would nominate Justices to the Court exactly like those Bush has brought to the bench. This year, we must reverse the tide, and begin to restore a Supreme Court that upholds our individual rights and the laws that keep us free. (emphasis added)

That’s right, they are OUR rights…they keep America free. Not UNLAWFUL, ENEMY COMBATANT, TERRORISTS. How much evidence and common sense is it going to take to get through the emotion of liberals?

Lean Left:

Foreigners in this country are entitiled (sic) to the same rights and protections as US citizens when charged with a crime. It is ludicrous to believe that should change on either just the Executive’s say so or becasue (sic) of the location of the prison. Someone held by the federal government is held by the federal government whether they are in Alabama, Gitmo, or the moon.

If these people are prisoners of war, then treat them as such. If they are not, then they are criminals and should be treated the same as every other criminal in the care of the federal government. Inventing a third class of people that the executive gets to do with as they please cannot be an option under our constitution.

I find it quite hypocritical that when defending elitism, the left shuns Alabama and the rest of the south as backward, out of touch, and not part of progressive America. But when it comes to a…sniffle sniffle…an emotional issue like habeas corpus, Alabama, Gitmo, and even the moon are now part of America. All emotion, no brains. These are not just “foreigners.” They are UNLAWFUL ENEMY COMBATANTS. Also known as terrorists. Most of them fight for no country. This is unprecedented and our habeas corpus laws do not reflect that, but by today’s decision you would think it does.

These “people” are NOT prisoners of war and they certainly cannot be upgraded to criminal status. Criminals are CITIZENS who break the law and are provided certain rights. A POW is a LAWFUL enemy combatant. A terrorist is an UNLAWFUL enemy combatant. We didn’t “invent” this third class of people. They invented it themselves on 9/11.

All emotion…NO brains. That’s enough for now. It makes me tired. So it goes for the life of a patriot.

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