The Kafkaesque Show Trial of Mark Steyn

* Steyn’s accusers called a deconstructionist Buffy the Vampire Slayer scholar as an expert witness.

* One of his accusers admitted under oath that he’d misrepresented his group’s initial demands to the media on numerous occasions.

* Websites that linked to the “offending” Maclean’s article — including U.S.-based sites like Free Republic and Catholic Answers — were proof of Steyn’s contagious “Islamophobia.” This led another Catholic website to ask: “Catholicism: A Hate Crime in Canada?”

* Unable to refute Steyn’s statistics and facts, or to deny that the portions of the article they found most offensive were in fact chilling quotations made by radical Muslims themselves, Steyn’s accusers condemned his “tone,” use of “sarcasm,” and reliance upon “subtle intellectual arguments.”

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Meanwhile, Brian Lilley writes:

Again, it might be hard to see how this impacts America, but then again the Romans had trouble seeing how the sacking of their outposts might one day lead to the Eternal City being overrun by Visigoths.

Sales of American books in Canada account for about 10 percent of all sales; given Britain’s bigger population, one would expect British sales of American books to be 10 percent or greater. What publisher will take a risk on a controversial book if they know 20 to 30 percent of their potential sales are already cut off and libel tourists like Khalid bin Mahfouz wait to collect rich judgements from friendly jurisdictions, even if, as in Ms. Ehrenfeld’s case, the book isn’t even published in Britain?

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at, which radical Muslims called a “hate speech” site during the Mark Steyn show trial.)

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