Searching for a Savior

Every four years, America takes personal stock and rechecks the direction of the country. Americans look at themselves, they look at their family, friends and neighbors, they look at society and they look at the world. What they see usually isn’t good. Since George Washington took office until now, America has looked like an unmitigated mess in need of a Savior.

So, the search for the new savior begins. Some want a fresh new-face savior. Some want a savior with experience saving. But all want as perfect a savior as can be found.

Most of the savior wannabes wink and nod at the savior expectations and have strong pragmatic bent. That’s the nature of politics. Survival means making deals and often the deals are good but not great, morally OK but not ideologically pure. And the new crop is no different. For all the lofty change rhetoric or unspoken but obvious change (Hillary, a woman for president), the Democrat candidates are cut from the same bolt of bland liberal cloth. They are closet socialists but would have to fight tooth and nail with a divided Congress to achieve their ends. On the Republican side, it’s mostly the same, save one.

Mike Huckabee possesses the magic that some have been looking for. He even has the sing-song preacher speak. He understands the plight of the common man. He knows the frustration of hospital bills that a fat belly brings. He knows how the middle class has been ignored. Mike Huckabee is a man of the cloth, not afraid to say God and hates abortion and gay marriage.

“I’m a one-issue voter, plain and simple, right is right,” said the mom at the roller rink. “Abortion is wrong and Mike Huckabee is the only one who’ll say it. He’s got my vote.”

But don’t you consider the redistribution of wealth on a grand scale or slamming the middle class with taxes to be immoral? He raised taxes significantly in Arkansas. And aren’t you concerned that America needs a man of bigger vision considering the precarious nature of world events (and Huckabee can’t seem to keep his facts straight)?

If that’s even true about the tax thing. That’s what people say. Well, I don’t mind paying higher taxes if the man is a man of God.”

Some have said that Huckabee is the noose the conservative movement has wrought and that Republicans will be hung with it, finally, this presidential season. This sentiment is usually accompanied with gleeful gales of evil laughter. And up until now, I’ve dismissed the inane Huckabee worship and his chances for President, but I’m reconsidering.

Far too many seemingly reasonable people I know like Mike Huckabee. He’s funny. He believes. He’s an overcomer. He’s not beholden to the power brokers. The fact that many others, including other Republicans despise him, actually seems to enhance his status. He is the savior of the common man.

And while there is a nice long delusional streak among the Democrats, the right side of spectrum seems to have one, too, and the deluded love Mike. A number of conservatives struggle month-to-month and worry about paying the bills. They want big government. They want guaranteed jobs. They don’t like NAFTA. They seek protectionism. They like their guns and they like Social Security. They wouldn’t mind if someone paid their hospital bills either.

Mike Huckabee is the savior. And I think he has a chance.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier.

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