Selected quotes from the 2010 AFP Defending the American Dream Summit

Although I’m using the word “quotes” rather loosely. I was writing stuff down as fast as I could, but I can’t be completely sure I got every single preposition and conjunction.

Dr. Tim Nerenz, of the Oldenburg Group, Inc.

“I never thought I’d be living in a NASCAR Republic. A NASCAR Republic is when you’re looking up ahead of you, and the people who are leading keep turning hard to the left until we all crash into the wall.”


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“Europe sucks.”

Lord Christopher Monckton (caution: language warning):

Also from Monckton:

“Europe sucks.”

Linda Hansen, executive director of the Wisconsin Prosperity Network, Inc.,while introducing Kwik Trip CEO Steve Loehr:

“I just love their bathrooms.”

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), on Cap and Tax:

“I can see why Democrats tout this as a cure for global warming. With rates like these, no one can afford to turn the heat on.”

Peter Theron, candidate for Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District:

“In 2008, Wisconsin determined that the international standard unit for measuring global warming is the inch.”

Justice David Prosser, on legislative attempts to end judicial elections:

“We forget that there are more electeds in the judicial branch than in the other two combined.”

Herman Cain:

“The Founding Fathers had it right. We have to be the Defending Fathers. That’s what this is all about.”

A little setup for this next one: Cain mentioned his wide-brimmed hat, which friends sometimes tell him makes him look authoritarian, like a cop, or a sheriff. A “very nice compliment,” he said.

And then he said this:

“I have a message for President Obama. Mr. President, in 2012, there could be a new sheriff in town.”

In context, that almost sounds like Cain’s thinking about running.

Stephen Moore:

“I believe the Republicans are going to win the Senate, because we’re going to win the Senate seat in this great state of Wisconsin.”

Grover Norquist:

“If the Democrats do well in 2010, the country will have consciously voted to become something between France and Greece.”

Dr. Tim Nerenz again, this time answering a question about the need for international tariffs:

“I can beat the Chinese. I can beat the Mexicans. I can beat the Vietnamese. I can’t beat the guys in the cubicles in Madison and Washington.”

This last bit is John Fund, telling a story about Ronald Reagan, and something that might have helped trigger Reagan’s transformation from liberal Democrat to conservative icon:

Notice how he mentioned Bastiat’s “The Law.” Not exactly light reading. Certainly not something I’d expect the average line worker to read, understand, and apply to their own lives.

The question is: am I being snobbish? Am I underestimating the average line worker? Wouldn’t that be great if the answers are yes?

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