Sen. Marco Rubio Nails It

Sen. Marco Rubio plainly and simply explains what is going on with the argument about the debt limit. He perfectly lays out what the problem is. The tactics and delay of the Senate is absurd. Rubio is one of our Tea Party heros. He understands how warped things are in Washington. He is standing up for the people who elected him. The way this newbie freshman Senator schools Sen. John Kerry, who is a part of the problem, is a wonderful thing to watch. I love how Rubio quotes Obama in 2006, “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure,” which is now considered extremist talk. Such hypocrisy is common in D.C. He speaks plainly about how the plan of the Democrats all along was to bring this to the brink so they could get what they wanted. That is why the President and the Democrats offered no plan in all this time.

This is the amazing thing. I hope the American people who usually don’t pay attention, understand this. Just a few weeks ago Obama wanted a raise in the debt ceiling with NO cuts. Now, because of the Tea Party backed Representatives, we have huge cuts. We will actually begin cutting down the size of government. Something that couldn’t be seen as possible just a few years ago.

Here is the leftwing Daily Beast saying this is a dark day because of of these cuts. What do these people not get? What part of spending ourselves into bankruptcy do they not get? We are spending too much that IS BORROWED. I know they want more and more of hardworking people’s tax money spread out among those who are less successful. They then get more votes, and then they get more power. We all want to take care of those who are truly in need. And I believe we will. But we will not continue to fund programs that are useless, destructive, and wrong.

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For years the Democrats and Republicans have spent us into this mess. Both are responsible. This is why the Tea Party was born. The people were fed up with the hypocrisy and the spending of Washington. We managed to elect enough Tea Party backed candidates to make this course changing historical moment of actually being fiscally responsible.

Don’t listen to the those who smear the Tea Party, who try to make it out to be radical. It isn’t. It’s sensible. It wants out country to prosper once again. It’s regular men and woman who go to work each day, earning a living for their family. They simply want D.C. to stop wasting their hard earned money.

It’s quite a simple message the Tea Party wants to send. Live within our means. Period.

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