Senate Democrats: please sit for a moment, have some eggnog (with brandy), and consider what you’re about to do.

A lot of bloggentary out there along the lines of: Senate Democrats are trying to push through this health care “reform” bill, because the more people see of it, the less they like it. Therefore, the longer it takes, the less chance of passage.

Therefore, all together now! Push!

I’m envisioning Harry Reid as Bill Cosby, doing his “natural childbirth” routine. You know, sitting next to the Mom in the hospital room — gown, stirrups, cold metal safety bars on each side of the bed — saying “breathe, honey! Breathe!” While the Mom has a death grip on his ear.

Somebody should draw that political cartoon. Mom is the American public. Put a guy in a business suit holding a two-foot stack of forms in it.

Anyway, back to that bloggentary. If Senate Dems are pushing hard now because they know the public will hate the bill, they should very seriously reconsider what they’re doing.

They should stop.

Why? Because the public won’t. The public won’t stop looking at this once it’s passed. Republicans won’t stop. Conservatives won’t. The Tea Parties won’t.

The media won’t. Sure, the media tends to turn a blind eye to liberal “progressive” actions at first, but once the bill is passed, maybe signed, they’ll do the usual slate of negative stories then. Stories that, sure, we wish they’d have done before. But stories nonetheless.

Public opinion will not stop turning against the bill just because 51 Senators voted “yes.”

If those 51-plus Senators voted “yes” in the wee hours of the morning Christmas Eve on a package that nobody had ever actually read…well, that’ll be worse. That will change the margins.

Or, at least, conservative groups will do their best to make sure it does.

It’s true, the logistics of doing something about ObamaCare, once ObamaCare is doling out the band-aids, are difficult. But within the confines of our political world’s short-term attention span, very little matters more than the next round of elections. Unfortunate? Maybe. Or maybe fortunate, because it prevents our political class from doing radical, stupid, unpopular things.

Things like this kind of health care “reform.”

(The TrogloPundit always forgets to put this end line at the bottom of his posts)

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