Silly Kos Kids, Politics Is for Adults

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O’Reilly’s has been hammering DailyKos for being a hate site, something obvious to anyone who has scanned the front page. This light shined on the cockroaches caused JetBlue to pull sponsorship on YearlyKos, DailyKos’s once a year event where the writers of DailyKos emerge from their parents’ basements and sit in circles and defecate on each other while Democrats pretend to listen to their insane blather.

Now, you have to understand, liberals are used to being coddled by the media, and the vitamin D deficient denizens of DailyKos have particularly thin skin. As right-wingers, we’re used to being accused of every ill of mankind, but if one person suggests to a Kwazy Kos Kid that he’s not quite in the mainstream, he gets apoplectic. They think that the news media is right-leaning, and you have to be quite insane to reach that viewpoint. We’re talking “Psychologist Running Out of the Room Screaming, ‘Don’t Let Him Touch Me and Get His Crazy on Me!'” insane. So having a particular show on a news network turn against them is intolerable beyond their understanding. With the defection of JetBlue, they’re less inclined to take a hard look at themselves and more open to the idea of freaking out like a bunch of rats that just had their cage shaken.

So the Kwazy Kos Kids and the rest of the Candy Land-based community are now shaking their tiny fists in impotent rage against FOX News’s advertisers. Now having much combined spending power (it’s the Bush economy’s fault that their parents cut their allowances), they’re hoping they can annoy the advertisers to death by calling them over and over (and since one of FOX News’s biggest advertisers is HeadOn, I don’t think they’ll even consider being told the same thing over and over annoying).

Their efforts most likely won’t amount to anything, but I think it would be a great idea if FOX News struck back by profiling a Kwazy Kos Kid each day thus putting the site under further spotlight for the sake of humiliation. Start with those who post on the front page and move on to the most prolific commenters and diarists. They should all be quite interesting since I sincerely doubt that any regular participant on the DailyKos is mentally stable, because why would any sane person regularly read and comment on such drivel?

“BooshH4ter4000 is against war though he thinks that violence against Republicans is sometimes justified. He believes that terrorism is simply media hype and that President Bush is going to turn America into dictatorship and refuse to leave office in 2009. He also takes pride in how much smarter he and the rest of DailyKos are than the American public. Such a proclamation was met with great agreement in the comments, a few of which were grammatically correct.

“Posting on the front page of the Daily Kos, this is one of the more prominent DailyKos members that Hillary and Obama will try to seek the approval of at YearlyKos.”

Really, this would be a great service FOX News could do for America. People like everyone at DailyKos should be ridiculed away from any active participation in our government. We don’t tolerate overt racists participating in the two major parties, and thus we shouldn’t tolerate the Kwazy Kos Kids who are even nuttier haters. They certainly are free to have their silly little site, but participation in it should be a conscious decision to be pariahs. That’s just common sense. I’m not sure how big a difference the Kwazy Kos Kids’ involvement in politics makes if any and whether the Democrats patronizing them and pretending they don’t think they’re weird or insane has any effect on major policy, but we should at least follow principle and make sure no one outside of their weird circle even acts like they take those goobers seriously. Like all mentally unstable people, they need to be isolated for their own good… and perhaps have a large amount of voltage shot through their brains. It’s the compassionate thing to do.

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