Slogans for the Kwazy Kos Kids by Frank J.

DarkSyde at the DailyKos is trying to find a short, unifying slogan for the Kwazy Kos Kids. He has his suggestions, but here are mine:

* I’m Running Out of Tin-Foil!
* Stop Laughing at Me!
* ‘Don’t Eat Paint Chips’ Is One of Bush’s Lies!
* You Say “Angry” Isn’t a Platform? YOU SHUT UP!!!
* You’re Either With Us, Or I’m Going to Bite You
* No, You’re Mentally Retarded and Probably Insane!
* Bush Lied, I Soiled Myself and Cried
* I Don’t Want the Pills! Don’t Make Me Take the Pills!
* Aw Tawt Aw Taw a Putty Tat!
* Why Do You Care If I Forgot to Wear Pants When There Is an Illegal War Going On?

Come on! Help out the Kos Kids in their slogan search in the comments.

This content was used with the permission of IMAO.

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