So what would he look like with another fifty pounds on him?

So what would he look like with another fifty pounds on him?

They’ll be putting him on a milk carton next.

Using sophisticated digital enhancement techniques, the FBI today published “aged progressed” mug shots of Osama bin Laden and 17 other top terrorists wanted by the U.S.

FBI forensic artists produce an enhanced image of the top terrorist.

One version of bin Laden shows him with a full head of wavy gray and black hair, and a trim beard. No previous photo had shown him without a headdress covering his hair.

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The second “aged processed” mug shot of bin Laden shows him with the long flowing beard that has been his trademark, although much grayer than previously seen.

Here’s a couple of the pictures:

osama bin laden older

Here’s another, in case he shaves:

Bin Laden Reward Increase

They should have given him a big mole on his chin.

That’s all wonderful, but I really think they forgot one important picture:


Of course, I don’t know for sure that he’s dead. I just don’t understand why, if he’s still alive, he wouldn’t give the world absolute, public proof of it. What better way to boost morale among the jihadists; improve recruitment for Al Qaeda; embarrass the United States?

If he’s alive, then he’s a wuss, spending all his time hiding from the big, bad Americans. That’s right, Obama! I’m calling you a wuss! Prove me wrong: show your face!

If you’ve still got one, that is.

More updated pictures at the State Department’s Rewards for Justice website.

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