Sometimes We Can All Agree On What Is ‘Hate’

Thursday I wrote about the hypocrisy of many on the left who mock Gov. Perry for his prayer rally this weekend, but never for Obama for basically doing the same thing. Some of the commenters pointed out that one of the sponsors of the prayer event was the American Family Association out of Mississippi. They were saying they were a “hate group.” I usually don’t listen to anyone who uses the phrase “hate group” because it has become fashion to call any organization that disagrees with you on the issues a “hate group.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has eroded it’s credibility completely by calling any group who opposes gay marriage as a “hate group.” Human Events has a good article here that points out that by the SPLC’s standards they themselves are a hate group. We are all, on both sides, just a bunch of haters.

Anyway, reading someone’s opinion of what is hateful is a waste of time. I have to read or hear what the person or group being targeted is saying themselves, or I don’t believe it. So, I read two articles from Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis of the American Family Association.

He is a loon.

It’s one thing to be have thoughtful opinions against gay marriage, but it’s quite another to blame the holocaust on gays. I don’t know what Gov. Perry was thinking. Now, some would say that Bryan Fischer is just one person at this organization, but he is a director there.

I know that any event a politician puts together may be sponsored by or attended by wackos (God knows Obama has had more than his share of wacko associations). We on the right (and most Americans) were appalled by the racist hate filled rantings of Obama’s pastor for 20 years, Rev. Wright. We should be just as appalled at this association. Fischer may not be Perry’s pastor for 20 yrs, and we can all thank God for that, but any association with those who take their beliefs too far and into the hateful abyss, must be avoided.

What makes this worse, is that this kind of thing takes away from the true meaning of a prayer rally or gathering. Contrary to what’s been reported, all people are invited regardless of their faith tradition or background. Prayer gatherings are intended to bring those who attend a feeling of love, grace, and the warmth of faith. So, I hate that this sort thing taints that.

Fischer aside, this prayer rally is really about the people attending praying for our country. And we do need prayer. All around us people are suffering. Things do not look good for the future. This prayer rally is sponsored by dozens of pastors and priests from all denominations, from all colors, and from all over the country. But those people are not mentioned in the articles about this rally. Only the controversy is addressed.

I would encourage the evangelical Christian community to root out those who damage the faith. We all know that evil worms it’s way into the most holy of places. We in the Catholic faith are well aware of that. But those people do not define us. They do not represent us. They are not who we are. We are a people of faith and love. Our every action must reflect that.

We may all disagree on many things, but there are some things we can all agree is hateful. We must always dismiss those who show that kind of hate.

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