Speaking of Communist Kooks: I

Speaking of Communist Kooks: I just posted an article on communist kook Cynthia Mckinney but she doesn’t have anything on some of the nutcases that regularly post on the “Pravda.ru” forums. Of course considering the crap Pravda often tries to pass as news that’s probably not a big surprise. Here are a few quotes I grabbed today for the Pravda forums. Hopefully these people are escapees from Russian mental institutions…

Railroad Bum: “Some say that the Jewish “star of david” symbol is in reality the sign of the devil’s foot!”

Atossa: That’s because the Mossad was involved in the CIA’s 9-11 WTC INSIDE job !! Btw, the word is out that if there is a nuke hit on an American city, it might be Phoenix… why Phoenix, you ask ?? Because it is a large, well known, but isolated city… a good choice for an INSIDE job !!

NPC: “I SAY WE BOYCOTT THIS SITE WITH THE AMERICAN SPY MONITORS!!! i dont want my information collected by this american agents and NWO jews!”

Cosssack “Mujahideens SLAUGHTER the AMERICANS daily! I like to think, today US SOLDIERS are DYING in Afghanistan for the GENOCIDE,-in Yugoslavia & Chechnya. As you all are aware the centerpiece of US politics towards all SLAVIC countries (including Russia) was and is supporting, abetting, financing Muslim Terrorists ( CNN BBC calls them freedom fighters) in Bosnia Kosovo Macedonia and Chechnya. USA spent $ 2 Billion (according to Ross Perot) in financial AID to Chechen terrorists alone . I wonder what money were spent ABETTING Muslim terrorists in Kosovo or Bosnia. . The money were channeled, mostly, through the Arab-British hands.

Why do they do it? The answer is very simple………..

The US politics towards the Russia and Yugoslavia was created by genocidal minds of politicians like Kissinger Albright Cohen Rubin (all Jews, I guess this is just another coincidence). Those genocidal maniacs have been trying, very hard, to buy friendship & alliance of Muslim nations with SLAVIC BLOOD. Yes my good people, with RUSSIAN and SERBIAN blood!!! The formula, Kissinger Albright came up with was very simple, but still …it has worked perfectly! Till 9-11-2001 that is. Do Slavic people need more 9-11s to assure self-preservation? Yes, Not? An Interesting question, isn’t it.

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