Why Do I Support Israel

Why Do I Support Israel So Much?: I know some of you are wondering why I’m supporting Israel so strongly in the conflict in the Middle East. There are several reasons why…but let me get a few things out of the way. I’m not Jewish, there isn’t any mysterious and all-powerful “Jewish Lobby” convincing me they’re right, the Mossad isn’t giving me mind control drugs, and what some nimnods out there think is a “Zionist controlled media” isn’t brainwashing me. In actuality, I support Israel for two reasons: they’re right and supporting Israel furthers American interests.

Israel is a Democracy surrounded by despotic regimes that are trying to solidify their power by encouraging their populaces to embrace Hitlerian anti-semitism. The more their people are focused on hating Israel, the less they focus on their own leaders and the more the terrorist groups in the region aim at Israel instead of the fat tyrants in bathrobes who really run things the Middle East. It’s all well and good to sit around at cafes in France and sneer at Israel because you don’t think they’re living up to some impossible ethical standard that’s been applied to them, but it’s another thing to be in their shoes, surrounded by 300 hundred million hostile Arabs who want to finish the job Hitler started in WW2. They’re not dealing with reasonable, rational, civilized people. They’re dealing in large part with terrorists and savages who claim to be thrilled when their own children die as long as they take Israeli civilians with them. To expect Israel to deal with with the Palestinians as if they were a bunch of snot nosed globalization protestors at a G8 summit is irrational to the point of insanity. If you say that we’d never take such risks with the civilian lives of our enemies there are a lot of corpses in Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki that would beg to differ.

Also, Israel is the best friend the US has in the Middle East. They’re not giving weak lip service to the ‘War on Terrorism’, they’re spilling Israeli blood in the streets fighting it…and their loss would hurt all of Western civilization. That’s because letting the Palestinians gain concession after concession and even a state for themselves using terrorism would set the worst example imaginable. It would prove unquestionably, definitively, that terrorism works. If the Israelis caved on EVERY demand the Palestinians had today terrorism would not decrease, it would increase exponentially. That’s why we’d be better off having the Israelis smash the occupied territories until no two stones stood on top of each other rather than see them give in to terrorism. Make no mistake about it, Israel is just the appetizer for the terrorists, and if they wolf it down, we’re the main course. Never forget that. As far as the Middle East goes, Israel’s victory is our victory..

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