Spreading the Sarahmotivator wealth

Spreading the Sarahmotivator wealth

Been having some fun over at The TrogloPundit all week making automotivators out of a Sarah Palin pic I found over at American Power.

Between myself and a bunch of other bloggers and non-bloggers, we’ve got…oh, I dunno. A bunch of them. I’d count, but my shoes are on. And the laces are double-knotted. Feel free to count them up yourself:

Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
One more.
More Sarahmotivators.

Anyway, I thought I’d bring the party over here. This one’s from Carolyn Tackett:


She’s got more. Click here.

And here’s a couple from the non-blogging (as far as I know, anyway – I’ve emailed to ask) anginak:



I’ll get tired of this sooner or later, but neither sooner nor later have gotten here yet. Wanna try? Click here to save the original picture, then click here to make it into an automotivator.

Email it to me, or email me a link to where you’ve posted it. I’ll spread it around.

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