Starving 10-year-old boy ate own feces out of desperation, weighed 60 lbs when he died, Stepmother dumped emaciated body in the woods

Starving 10-year-old boy ate own feces out of desperation, weighed 60 lbs when he died, Stepmother dumped emaciated body in the woods

Being the mother of a 12-yr-old boy, I have to say this story about this little boy made me cry. A jury took less than an hour to find a woman guilty on Tuesday in the 2011 starvation death of her ten-year-old stepson.

Aaron Ramsey

The Dallas County jury found Elizabeth Ramsey, 33, guilty of intentional serious injury to a child in Johnathan Ramsey’s death. The child weighed just 60lb when he died and in desperation, had eaten his own feces. Jurors will hear testimony today in the sentencing phase of Ramsey’s trial and could sentence her to a maximum of life imprisonment. The boy’s 35-year-old father, Aaron Ramsey, is serving a life sentence already.

Prosecutors said the two locked the boy in his room at the family’s Dallas, Texas home, then slowly starved him on a diet of bread and water or milk and dumped his emaciated body in a rural area south of Dallas in 2011. The body was found the next year in a creek. The stepmother’s attorneys asserted that her husband kept her from reporting her stepson’s ordeal. Ramsey’s lawyers had asked jurors to find her guilty of a lesser charge, arguing that Aaron Ramsey was the instigator and she was forced to participate in the crime.

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Prosecutors blamed the couple equally for Johnathan’s death. Witnesses described Elizabeth Ramsey as a habitual liar with a hot temper. Johnathan’s grandfather, Edward Ramsey, had contacted police early in 2012 to ask them to search for the child because he had not seen the boy for more than a year. The boy’s biological mother, Judy Williams, and other relatives did not see him for months. Police said Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey, the child’s stepmother, initially claimed the boy had gone to live with his mother but later confessed to starving the boy to death.

According to police, Aaron Ramsey said he put his son on ‘military rations’ because the boy began to misbehave early last year. Johnathan was found lying on the bedroom floor in August, according to court records. Aaron Ramsey told detectives he changed his son into his favorite T-shirt, placed him into a sleeping bag and inserted a dryer sheet to mask the smell of his body, the records said.

There is no type of behavior from a 10-yr-old that would warrant this extreme abuse. This was more than a punishment it was an evil act from two adults who had the responsibility to keep this little boy safe. Unfortunately, there were no apparent signs from people who knew Aaron and Elizabeth that they were tyrants who must have taken some joy in watching this boy suffer and waste away to his death.

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