Four starving children living in cat feces could only communicate in grunts; Parents plead not guilty to felony child abuse charges

Four starving children living in cat feces could only communicate in grunts; Parents plead not guilty to felony child abuse charges

Child abuse stories are always sad to read about and while it’s easy to run away from the news an important lesson is taught in each story. They say if you ignore history it will be repeated.: Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey of: Colorado are the best example of this lesson as they find themselves repeating history: being accused of abusing their second set of children.


The boys, ages two to six, were removed from their home in October after an emergency room doctor asked social services to check on the family after Bailey took her youngest son to the hospital for a cut on his forehead. The doctor noticed that the boy was unwashed, smelled like cigarette smoke and had bruising behind an ear consistent with pinching.

Court documents say the apartment was found to be filled with cat feces and flies and that the children could communicate only in grunts, were malnourished and weren’t toilet trained. Doctors couldn’t find any medical records at all for the five-year-old. Sperling told investigators he was the primary guardian for the boys. Lorinda Bailey said she was living in another apartment in the same building but saw the boys most days.

Sperling and Bailey have lost custody of other children amid similar allegations. Police were called to the couple’s apartment in October 2006 when passers-by:  reported two young children were playing in the street. According to court records, one child spoke few words and mostly grunted and:  pointed to communicate. The officers said they found rotten food, trash:  and insects in the apartment. Sperling and Bailey pleaded guilty in June 2007 to misdemeanor child abuse and lost custody of their three oldest children.

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In addition, a baby they were expecting at the time and another child who:  followed were taken care of temporarily by a foster family before being:  returned. They later had two more sons. Those four children are the ones they’re now accused of abusing. The case is not headed to trial anytime soon. Defense attorneys and:  prosecutors expect a number of motions to be filed and will discuss them at a hearing scheduled for April 18.

In a divided society where everyone minds their own business and neighbors pass everything off to CPS or the police, it makes me wonder if a nosy society would keep neglectful parents like this at bay? You see it in movies set in the 50’s where folks were always snooping around bringing cookies and soup by: to pay neighborly social calls. Offering unsolicited advice and help may: have a greater effect of influencing neglectful dirty people like this as it’s been found that society itself corrects bad behavior better than the court system.: Perhaps it’s time for Americans to take more responsibility on their shoulders in their communities and stop passing it off to the police saying they “tried”, because “tried”: just wasn’t good enough for these little boys.

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