Stephen King, Nixon, & Reagan Killed John Lennon!

Stephen King, Nixon, & Reagan Killed John Lennon!

I’ve never been a huge Lennon fan, but I was interested to find out that Stephen King killed him. Apparently Nixon and Ronald Reagan were accessories as well…or so says the author Steve Lightfoot who wants you to know, the stories you may have heard about him aren’t true!

“Before I begin, you should know that everything the media has ever said about me is a lie. I was never a stalker of Stephen King, was never barred from visiting Bangor, Maine, was not present at times and dates alleged by King in some incidents I’ve heard about and I was completely set up by King and the corrupt City of Santa Cruz and chief Stephen Belcher when I was arrested, and put on the national news including two showings on American Journal, for showing up at a booksigning with a sign that read;


He also has some analysis of 9/11 which he based on the old “folding dollar shows you 9/11 trick” and bizarre “A Beautiful Mind” style newspaper clippings that “prove” that Reagan was involved in Lennon’s murder as well.

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Yes, “anyone can post on the internet,” but this guy strikes me as particularly nuts….

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