Steven Seagal: If the Truth Comes Out About Benghazi, Obama Will be Impeached (Video)

Steven Seagal: If the Truth Comes Out About Benghazi, Obama Will be Impeached (Video)

Wow. Steven Seagal was supposed to give a light-hearted address, but no one tells him what to do. He just blasts the Obama administration, and he’s completely right:


Seagal’s tone was anything but joking, as he sternly and seriously gave his grave assessment of the political leadership and tyranny taking place in America today. Seagal begins by displaying disbelieve of the depravity coming out of Washington, DC:

“Never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people : like the people who are running it at this day.”

Seagal then accuses the Obama administration of treating the: Constitution of the United States like a “joke,” and blasts the Obama Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, of : making up a judicial system “as they go along.”

Seagal then speaks about the various Obama scandals, asking, “What’s happening with the ‘Fast and Furious,” and asks rhetorically, “What’s happened with the truth,” with what Seagal refers to as some of the “greatest scandals in American history that have happened right before our very eyes?”

In regards to the Benghazi terrorist attacks, Seagal warns that if the truth was revealed, Obama would certainly be impeached:

“If the truth about Benghazi were to come out now, I don’t think that this man would make it through his term. I think he would be impeached.”: 

Truth? : Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

Or it’s at least racist.

Here’s his speech:

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