Sue Lowden: Run Reid Out Of Office

Had a blogger conference call today with Sue Lowden of Nevada, the Republican front runner to take down Harry Reid in 2010. I had looked her over some when I did this post: on the hypocritical attacks already being launched against her. Lowden spoke of knowing she’s in for a tough fight and claims to be prepared for it.

At one point, Fausta Wertz: brought up the Palin treatment. Lowden appreciated the comparison, saying she was a fan of Palin, seeing herself as similar in many ways, including on political views.

In what I thought was a great idea, Lowden held an event outside a Reid fund raiser attended by Joe Biden this morning. Several hundred people showed up for the meet and greet while bringing along donations for a local food bank.: Inside, Reid and Biden chowed down: at a $2400 a plate fund raiser with reserved seating for 20 people in total. Slam!

She also acknowledged that it’s going to be an expensive race but said her campaign is up to the task. I liked what I saw when I posted on her previously. If you do, too and: dislike Harry Reid as much as I do, you might consider offering her whatever support you can. I don’t have to tell you that beating Reid would be absolutely sweet!

She’s not a career politician, despite heading the state Republicans at one point and having won at the ballot box before. The race will involve local issues. Lowden pointed out that pre-Reid, out of every dollar Nevada sent to Washington, 90 cents came back. Now it’s down to 65 cents. Obviously Reid has become a careerist and a creature of Washington after all these years.

It does seem odd that Nevada is at the very bottom of Federal dollars coming back to the state from taxes when he’s supposedly such a powerful Democrat. It suggests he’s more interested in growing the Federal Government, than he is acting as a representative of his alleged home state.

This race should be as much fun as it will be brutal. I doubt it’s one that will leave the headlines come election time. Stay tuned.

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