Supporting President Obama

I’m going to get a head start on Obama’s Afghanistan war speech, because after he speaks it will be all people are talking about.

It looks: as if: Obama is going to give Gen. McChrystal just about all he wanted in troop levels (30,000 troops). Obama tells us he has a plan and we just need to listen to it and we will understand.

Several weeks ago I called for Obama to bring all troops home. I just don’t believe that we should send troops to a war that our Commander In Chief has no interest in winning. What led me to believe: that was: when: Obama’s own General tells him that if he doesn’t get these additional troops the war will be completely lost in 12 months, Obama then waits 3 months to even make a decision. So now we are 9 months away from total failure and the deployment of additional troops will just be beginning. Better late than never I suppose.

Liberals like Bob Hebert of the New York Times are very angry. The liberal commenters there are depressed and regretting their decision to vote for Obama. I have little sympathy for them, because Obama did call this “the necessary war” when he campaigned. Did they think he was lying at the time?

No, they imagined that Obama was saying what he needed to get elected. And that is probably true. But what Obama discovered was that being President is much more difficult than running for President. Why did Obama betray the left by keeping warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act, and rendition? Because once you are sitting in that chair in the Oval Office you see the big picture. You see the real threat.

I am frankly surprised that Obama has decided to send these troops to Afghanistan. I am sure he will give us a timely exit plan to prove he is different from Bush. But reasonable people understand that plans change as war changes.

I think this comment from Nick at the NYT story: summarizes what many on the left feel:

I have been betrayed by this man I came to love. The man I lectured all of my Republican “friends” would be the greatest president of modern times…a brilliant scholar, a chess player in the world of international political football. They laughed at me, derided me, told me he wasn’t up to the job. Now I actually avoid these people, it’s too humiliating to admit they were right. I’m just sick over it.

We were right. Obama isn’t up for the job. But in truth, he is proving that in every way except for this decision. The leftwing of the blogosphere is already beside itself over this. I think Obama will be shocked at the vitriol that will be thrown at him from his own party.

We on the right need to do what the left never did with Bush. We need to support our troops and back Obama up on this, because it is the right thing to do. If Obama has the courage to send the additional troops against the wishes of his party, then we on the right need to have the courage to be behind him 100%. This is not “Obama’s war,” this is OUR war. As long as our soldiers are fighting in foreign lands we should support them no matter who is President.

I know it’s going to feel strange to be on the side of this President when we disagree with everything else that he does, but it’s important. Is Obama interested in winning this? Right now it looks like he is. And as long as that is the case, then I will be supporting Pres. Obama in this war.

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