Surprise! Republicans ‘Racist’ for No Vote on Unemployment Extension

I almost spoke too soon. Just after mentioning that I hadn’t found too many anti-American blogs dissing 4th of July, here we have Zandar the Stupid smearing traditional Americans as racist for opposing the left’s move to create an unemployment benefit entitlement. Paul Krugman slams folks like this as “heartless” and “clueless.” But Sir Stupid takes it to the natural conclusion:

It’s the same folks who say America is a the greatest country on Earth, that its people are exceptional and destined, who talk about how special we are as a people, invariably they are the first to turn on their neighbors and say “I don’t care if there’s not any jobs out there, go paint fences and collect aluminum cans. I’m not helping you. Get a job you lazy bastard.”

The deficit numbers are just an excuse to heap more misery upon the unemployed. That’s because a lot of people in Krugman’s first two categories believe everyone who is unemployed still must be lazy, or trying to scam the system, or trying to fleece them personally. It’s a depressingly cynical worldview, and in reality that’s just covering up for fears of something far more nasty: that everyone who’s still unemployed by this point is shall we say of a certain ethnic background.

Extending unemployment insurance is unsound economic policy. It reduces incentives for workers to find employment or shift to new industrial sectors. Even Krugman recognizes this, but says Republicans are mean anyway. Zandar the Stupid just uses this as one more chance to scream RAAAAACIST!!!

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