Swastika Carved Into 16 Year Old Boy’s Head By Group of Oregon Teens

Swastika Carved Into 16 Year Old Boy’s Head By Group of Oregon Teens

This crime was so heinous, 20 year veterans were quoted as saying, “Wow, that’s just another level” of violence that they’re not used to seeing.

No one is used to seeing this:

Four teenagers – one female and three males – have been charged with allegedly luring a 16-year-old boy into a shed, shooting him with a BB gun, attacking him with a crow bar and carving a swastika into his forehead with a box cutter.


The victim, Dustin Murrain, told police he was lured to the shed by a Jenna Jean Montgomery, 15, a David Douglas High School student who he had met earlier in the day.

Murrain said he was invited to meet the girl at Southeast 122nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard, according to prosecutor Christopher Ramras.

When he did, she then walked him to a nearby home and he followed her into the shed in the backyard.

There, he was confronted by three other boys.

According to Murrain’s account, he was struck in the back of the head with a silver crowbar once he entered the shed.

He also was ordered to take off his shirt.

Once Murrain removed his shirt, one of the teens, identified as Blue Christian Kalmbach, 15, is accused of shooting Murrain in the chest, the groin and index finger with a BB gun.

Here’s a glamour shot of one Jenna Jean Montgomery:



Hard to believe she’d be involved in something like that, am I right?

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