Talk Radio Weekly Recap: Nov 23-27

My all-new WND Talk Radio Watch column is now live.

Besides links to 100 — yes, 100Rush Limbaugh video clips, old and new, you can find out more about Glenn Beck‘s “100 Year Plan” for America, what Mark Levin thinks of it, and much more.

Lots of FREE audio and video clips to enjoy!

Stuff that didn’t make it:

* Laura Ingraham talks about the global warming email controversy

* Rush Limbaugh vs naked zombies?

* Glenn Beck‘s November 26 Thanksgiving special for the troops (complete video)

* Beck rules out Beck/Palin 2012 ticket (audio)

* Find out how to record talk radio shows while you’re at work! (video demo)

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury. Among other things, she runs a site devoted to conservative talk radio.)

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