Taxing tanning beds…for racial justice.

As if there wasn’t enough diversity between New Delhi and New Jersey already:

A new Vaseline ad campaign in India urging men to whiten their faces has sparked international controversy, with critics of the ads contending that Vaseline – a subsidiary of the Dutch-Anglo conglomerate Unilever – is promoting the notion that only white skin is beautiful.


In India and in other countries, face-whitening creams – and all their accompanying cultural hangups – are nothing new.

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There is, apparently, a Facebook app that lets you see yourself whitened by the Vaseline product. Both the product and the app are…wait for it…

Ah, this is too easy.

Detractors say the whitening industry’s ads are manipulative and racist.

Here in America, Meghan McCain interviews Snooki — and let’s pause for a moment to mourn the fact that we know who “Snooki” is — about the new 10% tanning bed tax: a tax on white people who want to be brown. Or browner.

In India, on the other hand, already-brown men want to be whiter.

Remember back in the 1970s — or was it the 1980s? — when “studies” found that black children liked white dolls better? They were more attractive, and more desirable as toys? Whoopi Goldberg had a whole routine in which she played a young black girl who wore a white shirt on her head, emulating “long, luxurious blond hair.”

It was evidence that black children lacked self esteem. The inherent racism in society favored whites, so naturally black children grew up dissatisfied with themselves.

Hey, I’m no sociologist. Maybe that was right.

If so, though, then maybe tanning is, too. White people should be proud of their whiteness. Don’t want to be like somebody else, you dumb crackers! Be the pasty pink day-glo honkies that you are!

And God bless the Obama administration for pushing policies that inhibit tanning. For the children.

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