Teen who beat disabled 62-year-old to death in sick ‘knockout’ video he posted on Facebook is jailed for 27 years

Teen who beat disabled 62-year-old to death in sick ‘knockout’ video he posted on Facebook is jailed for 27 years

The breeding grounds of thuggery, Chicago, IL, has yet another disgusting tale winding up as the last of 3 men is sentenced for slaying an elderly man in an alley then posting it on facebook.

nicholas ayala

An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in brutally beating to death a disabled Chicago man. Nicholas Ayala, 18, who allegedly laughed while committing the crime, pleaded guilty to murder and robbery in the 2012 killing of 62-year-old Delfino Mora during the vicious street game. The brutal crime was captured on video and then posted on Facebook.

Ayala, Anthony Malcolm, 20, and Malik Jones, 18, were each charged with first-degree murder and robbery Mora’s slaying. According to prosecutors, Ayala was with the other two teenagers in July of 2012 when they decided to play a game called ‘Pick ’em out, knock ’em out’. The three targeted Mr Mora, a father of 12 and grandfather of 23, in an alley in the West Rogers Park neighbourhood and ordered him to empty his pockets. Ayala’s friend Malik Jones allegedly then punched him in the jaw, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the concrete.

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Mr Mora was found by a passer-by with blood on his face and vomit next to his head about three hours later and was taken to hospital. However, he died the next day as a result of blunt head trauma. A cellphone was used to record the fatal assault on Mr Mora, who didn’t have full use of his right arm after a workplace accident 15 years ago.

He [Ayala] then posted the sickening footage on to Facebook. ‘He left him in the alley like a piece of garbage,’ said prosecutor James Murphy at an earlier hearing. ‘To them it was funny, they laughed.’

Judge Joseph Claps ruled in that the three teens were ‘accountable’ for the death of Mr Mora.

‘It’s a sad travesty that Mr. Delfino Mora died because of the actions of people who apparently think that what they were doing was a game,’ he said. ‘Well, it wasn’t a game for Mr. Mora and his family.’

The one-minute recording of the attack, which was posted on to Facebook, was the most damning piece of evidence presented during the case.

One wonders if the rules in Chicago that prevent individuals like Mr. Mora from protecting himself through carrying a gun and other rules that breed a system of indigence and irresponsibility through welfare are creating a perfect storm for degenerate behavior. Mixing together bored and lazy boys who have no reason to grow up or nothing to aspire to, combined with a city full of potential victims is just asking for trouble. Perhaps trouble is what the city officials, lawyers and police desire since they are the ones passing the laws that stamp out personal responsibility and liberty.

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