Thank you so much, President Obama, for the tax cuts!

So lemme get this straight:

President Obama signs several pieces of legislation that push the deficit into historically irresponsible territory; that put the U.S. on a fiscal par with Greece or, worse, California; that threaten our credit rating, and will restrict economic growth for generations to come…

…not to mention that these same pieces of legislation (in aggregate, if nothing else) resulted in net tax increases — historic increases — now and into the future…

…but because the president also enacted a bunch of very, very targeted tax rebates — not tax cuts — that one can get only by doing or being something very, very specific….

…we’re supposed to be grateful for the tax cuts?

That’s Steve Benen’s position:

April 15 comes this week, so taxes will no doubt be on the minds of many. President Obama used his weekly address to remind the public about a little detail that usually goes overlooked: he cut taxes.

… The president may need to repeat the message a few more times as the midterm elections draw closer — a recent NYT/CBS poll asked Americans if they think the Obama Administration increased taxes, decreased taxes, or have they kept taxes the same. Only 12% accurately noted that taxes have done down; twice as many (24%) mistakenly said the opposite.

Hey, Steve: the American people know the difference between an M&M and a big steaming pile of horsecrap. They especially know that when the M&M is hidden somewhere inside the steaming pile of horsecrap, it doesn’t matter how good that M&M might be.

It’s still covered in horsecrap.

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