The Attack Of The Aliens By Tom DeWeese

The instant they plant their foot on American soil they have broken the law. They are illegal aliens and, from that moment, they become a plague on every American’s quality of life. They crowd our schools and don’t pay for the privilege. They fill our hospitals, forcing many into bankruptcy. They help to infest our nation with dangerous drugs, destroying our children while the crime rate soars. Thousands sneak across the border in dilapidated trucks, endangering law-abiding Americans on our highways. They flood our welfare rolls, costing American taxpayers as much as $30 billion dollars per year.

As the plague accelerates, few of our elected leaders care to even mention the problem of illegal aliens from Mexico.When you or I break the law in America, we face the possibility of fines, perhaps jail time or at least of getting our cars towed. Nations make laws because they are supposed to be obeyed. Laws give our society structure and direction. Without them we would sink into anarchy, with everyone grabbing for themselves. No lives and no property could be secure. Those who ignore the laws are called “outlaws.” A nation that begins to ignore enforcement of its laws soon loses control to its outlaws. (Cont)

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