You Too Can Experience The Thrill Of Hate Mail

Being a conservative blogger isn’t just about getting interviews with Milton Friedman, cash under the table from Richard Mellon Scaife, and backrubs from Ann Coulter (OK, I made those last two up, but I can dream can’t I)? It’s also about getting email — so much of it that you’d have to spend hours per week replying to it — well if you did reply to all of it.

Spam, blog promos, info from the RNC, advertisers, interview request rejects, and dozens of other assorted sundry items — including hate mail. While I can’t show you all of the mail — and would you really want to see it anyway — I can put some of the hate mail I get up. It’s more interesting anyway and it gives you a good idea of what some of the left is like when don’t think the general public is going to see what they have to say…


[email protected]**********

your rainforest commentary

All that I can say to you is that you are an ignorant horse’s @ss….pull your head out of your @ss and try to care about life instead of being such an idiot. Thank you for your consideration….


[email protected]*************

Man im not even this conservative. You must be a southener, right? Only a southener could be this corny and racist. You know theres a huge difference between southern conservative and northern conservative. America would be the greatest nation ever in the history of nations if we didnt have the d*mn south always making us look like yokels. We need a new civil war cus the south is rising again.


[email protected]*******

(This is the tail end of one of the many long, rambling, leftist blatherfests I’ve received)

Explain to me why a war dreamed up by this administration to avenge an assassination attempt on Daddy Bush and to steal the Iraqi oil and provide profits for Haliburton and Kellogg, Brown, and Root is cheered by the military and all the chickenhawks, while during 1998 the Clinton “8 years of peace and prosperity” administration was booed and harassed by the same military and chickenhawks for having a similar idea. I can explain it to you and the rest of your right wing CommandoEs, because it had nothing to do with William Jefferson Clinton’s 100 million dollar c*ck, that you were chasing at the time. A c*ck, that is indeed attached to arguably the best President in the history of the USA, but I still wouldn’t give you 100 million for it. Apparently the OIC thought it was worth that. I don’t think Santorum would approve of Starr’s c*ck


From: [email protected]**************

“Chickenhawk my boy, you are a narrow minded fool but I dont hate you like so many others do. I can honestly say, I feel sorry for you that you waste so much time spewing your verbal diaherria. Why would you even want to discuss weather or not kids should eat in schools and the pennies that it costs!, I’m not one to type so I’ll leave it at that, however, should I ever see you out and about, you had better be ready for the biggest LEFT handed SLAP of your life.

see you soon sh*t pants .”


[email protected]

Stop mocking my presidency! I am not “history’s greatest monster” as you and “The Sampsons” have claimed. If only George Bush had give Kim Jong-Il more compliments on his haircut, he’d make a deal, I just know it! Then there’s Yasser Arafat — I’ll talk to him if the Bush administration asks — Oh, I so long to feel the stubble of his rough beard against my smooth cheek again as we hug.

But it all goes back to what this country needs — A good long cry and then a few years of asking ourselves, “Why do they hate us?” I spent years asking myself that after the American people hated me so much that they made me a one-term President & you know what I came up with? They’re idiots! That’s why they hate us, we have a country full of warmongering, cowboy, idiots who don’t know that there’s a time to give-in, grovel, and beg & a time to well..give-in, grovel, and beg some more.

PS: I know that were I able to hug Osama Bin Laden just once, he would forgive the American people for voting me out of office and all our problems would be solved.

Yours in love, peace, & understanding

Jimmy Carter


Ok, I did make that last one up — but the other ones are real. No joke =D

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